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As a service to our community we have created an online platform for all your Cypriot and Greek Alcohol.

The island of Cyprus was then a favourite resting ground for Crusades returning from battle and later became a centre for the Knights of the Order of St.John. It was the members of this order who discovered a wine that was been produced in the Troodos Mountains. This wine they named Commanderie after their headquarters, finding it to be not only an excellent drink but also to possess therapeutic properties.

Loel Zivania brandy is a traditional alcoholic beverage which has been produced for centuries in Cyprus by distillation and has played an important role in the everyday life of Cypriots.

Red, White and Rose Wines from the selected grapes of the Peloponnesian varieties (Agiorgitiko, Roditis). Their pleasant personality and careful wine making guarantee pleasure one can attain at the daily table. Wine from ancient Kleonai, which is in the province of Corinthia, within the terroir (AOC) of Nemea.

Red, White and Rose from Malandreni Greece.

The region of Nemea and the Argolida highlands is blessed viti-vinicultural land.

Domaine Skouras is located in the Northeastern Peloponnese, in Argolida, close to the provinces of Corinthia and Arcadia, just a few kilometres from Argos, in the village of Malandreni.

The winery is situated within the Nemea zone, the largest and possibly the most exciting Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for red wines in Greece. Mantinia, another important PDO region for white wines, is in close proximity, while the surrounding areas have excellent terroirs, although not of PDO status. Across all of these locations, Domaine Skouras owns a number of very interesting vineyards.

Selling alcohol brings with it a great responsibility to you and to the community at large. As a committed, responsible community member we actively pursue harm minimisation strategies and continually develop new initiatives in terms of alcohol safety. We acknowledge that safe alcohol consumption is ultimately the responsibility of you as an individual, however it is also our responsibility to abide by the strict policies and procedures that governs all Australian liquor licensees.