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Online Survey

As you may know the Cyprus Community has entered an exciting phase of renewal. This new stage in the Community’s almost 100-year history will modernise facilities and services to meet cultural, social, and other needs of members in a way that responds to our 21st century environment.

As part of a Community Development project in cooperation with Southern Cross University and the Cyprus Community, we are conducting an online survey. We hope this will assist in gaining genuine insights into views about the Community’s services, programs, and activities, past, present, and future.

Click the below link to being –

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few brief questions, it is greatly appreciated and will help to define the future of your Community.

With Great & Appreciative assistance for Christina our Social Work Student

Dated 21st October 2021

Cyprus Fire Appeal 2021

The board of the Cyprus Community of NSW Ltd has commenced it drive to raise funds to rebuild the villages succumbed to the worst wildfires in the country’s history.

The Community has donated $2,000.00 to this appeal and hopes our fellow Cypriots in NSW can help raise well needed funding to go direct to the rebuilding of fire stations/support facilities and reforestation of the fire torn areas of the Eptagonia Region.

Click the link below and Donate today!


Renovations Complete – Bistro and Kafenio to Reopen!

The Board of the Cyprus Community undertook various renovations and upgrades to the Bistro and gaming areas located on the ground floor of the club. We all agree this was well overdue and hope the changes add life into our ageing building. Special thanks to our President Mr. Spiro Constantinou who was on his hands and knees cleaning away and assisting in all renovations.

Following this our new operator is set to open the club doors again on the 16th April 2021 trading lunch and dinner, all bookings are welcome through the Club main line 02 9557 1256.

We will keep you updated in terms of trading as we envisage to operate 6 days a week! Kopiaste!

Dated 13th April 2021

Bistro and Kafenio Closed

The Bistro and Kafenio are temporarily closed for refurbishment and will reopen with a new look, new operator, new menu and operational 6 days a week. We will keep you informed of the changes and reopening through all our media outlets.

Dated 29th March, 2021

Bistro Reopens

The Bistro is now open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Due to restrictions on music, singers and public dancing please contact us about any questions regarding entertainment and days of trade (these will be constantly changing to adhere to public orders accordingly).

We wish Nick the very best and look forward to enjoying his quality food.

Dated 31st January 2021

Kafenio – Cafe Reopens

The Kafenio has commenced trade – reopening on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays – contact us to confirm hours of trade. We wish Natasha the best of business for the upcoming year.

The Kafenio is trading under a strict COVID safe policy and as such the Board of the Cyprus Community has established a three member subcommittee with the powers to marshal the policy and enforce where required any changes as they become publicly available.

Dated 31st January 2021

School is In!

We welcome our Greek Schooling and Greek Dancing Groups back to the 2021 year (6th February 2021). Both will be abiding by they’re COVID safe plans, so please contact the relevant teachers if you have any questions in this regard.

The Board of the Community wish both schools the very best for the upcoming term(s).

Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel (Socrates)

Dated 31 January 2021

Stanmore Hawks Now Known as Inner West Hawks FC

Our sister company and sporting arm of our community realized a major milestone in its history. The name change from Stanmore Hawks to Inner West Hawks FC shows the transition into an all inclusive team and the forward thinking of the current board.

We commend the efforts of the club and look forward to many goals, saves and nail biting games as they transition to the future.

The Inner West is most definitely “Our Territory”.

A new Year a new Era

As we closed the year 2020 and welcomed the year 2021, the board has reflected on the events of the year and the ongoing effect it has had to our community and our members. A new marketing strategy has been implemented where all our members will receive regular sms messages from the board in regards to updates and events. The club remains closed due to the risk surrounding COVID, with a strategy for re-opening in the near future.

Our members will receive free membership for the 2021 year as part of our thankyou for the support through our troubled times.

We thank all our volunteers and acknowledge the hard work of our members to keep our community alive.

Our Calendar is ready for pickup at the club, we thank our sponsors for their ongoing support.

Dated 04/01/2021

Expression of Interest Closes 10 December 2020

The Board of the Cyprus Community is overwhelmed by the expressions received and is grateful for those involved. It is envisaged that the committee involved to review the interest will be able to report to the board and in turn to the members early in the 2021 year.

Members Update 4 November 2020

Extraordinay General Meeting

Sunday 24 November 2019 at 3:00 pm

Η ελληνική έκδοση της ανακοίνωσης της γενικής συνέλευσης και η αιτιολογική έκθεση διατίθενται στην είσοδο της Κοινότητας

President and Board of the Cyprus Community of NSW Ltd (Community)

18 October, 2019

Dear Fellow Members,

At the general meeting on the 8 September, 2019, the Board of the Community informed members of the state of the Community’s finances and the condition of the Community’s properties including the six (6) houses in Tupper Street Enmore that are rented (Rental Properties), as well as the Community’s premises.

At that meeting, the Board reported that the Community’s financial position has been deteriorating for some time, and that the problem had been compounded by unexpected inherited debt from the soccer club and other material unsecured debts incurred during previous administrations of the Community.

Please be assured that despite this present situation, the Community’s assets are sound and significant, and the Community continues to operate a licensed club, a Greek School, a Dancing school and other services. However, the total of the Community’s current debts is not sustainable and must be addressed.

At that meeting on 8 September, 2019, members overwhelmingly supported the proposal to acquire an indirect financial interest in some of the Community’s  properties as a means of assisting the Community to fulfil its mission.

After consultation with our members, the Board established a separate company – Cyprus Capital Limited – which is currently a wholly owned subsidiary of the Community. The sole purpose of Cyprus Capital Limited will be to raise funds from the Community’s members by means of them subscribing for shares in Cyprus Capital Limited (Capital Raising). The funds raised in the course of the Capital Raising will be lent by Cyprus Capital Limited to the Community as a secured loan over the Rental Properties , and possibly some other assets of the Community. Cyprus Capital Limited will be owned and controlled by its Board and shareholders, all of who will be members of the Community

The Community will use those loan funds to refinance its current secured debt with Delphi Bank, repay various legacy debts, repair some of the Rental Properties, pursue the re-zoning and development approvals of the land owned by the Community, and provide the Community with some working capital.

The Board has recently endorsed a Four-Year Strategic Plan which includes a new Board Charter, a Code of Members’ Rights and governance policies which will be the cornerstone of the way that the Community is managed today and into the future. A copy is available online at and from the foyer of the Community premises.

To be clear, the proposal to raise funds from the members of the Community in the above manner, is being undertaken specifically in order to avoid the Community being forced to selling any of its assets. The Board believes that the members should be informed of what we are doing and why, as we seek their support and guidance at this most critical time.

If any or all of the resolutions stated in the accompanying Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting (Notice of EGM) are not approved by a majority of entitled members, the Board will be required to re-assess how it can operate the Community whilst also satisfying the Community’s current financial obligations.

Please note that neither the Board nor any employee or representative of the Community will be involved in the promotion or conduct of the Capital Raising.   At the appropriate time, Cyprus Capital Limited will issue a prospectus that will be mailed to all members of the Community, and also be available on the web-site of Cyprus Capital Limited ( Please direct any questions or enquiries members may have, as provided for in the Prospectus.

The Community is in the process of informing all its members, including those with lapsed membership, of the meeting as referred to in the accompanying Notice of EGM (Meeting), in order to enable everyone, the opportunity  to be involved and come to the aid of our Community. Unfortunately, non-members will not be able to attend or vote at the Meeting, other than at the invitation of the Board.

The Community needs its members’ support to preserve the efforts of our pioneers and deliver a relevant active Community for the benefit of our future generations.

We ask that you email all your questions before 16 November 2019 to : or drop them into the “EGM Questions”  box located in the foyer of the Community’s premises. Membership forms are also available at the foyer or online at:

The Board would like to thank all the members for their continued support and valued contribution towards developing this proposal, especially to the members who have stepped up as volunteers to be founding directors of Cyprus Capital Limited.

On behalf of the Board of the Cyprus Community of NSW Limited, the Board looks forward to your questions, suggestions and to meeting you at the Meeting at this significant time in the Community’s history.

Yours faithfully,


Cyprus Community of NSW Limited